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  • Dynamic APIs (Gateway Routing) based on the Mobile prefix
  • Create Different SMS Accounts
  • Link SMS Accounts to Joomla Members
  • Set Auto-Credit for SMS accounts
  • Advertisement Prefix of Suffix
  • Define Multiple Sender Names
  • UNICODE Support (Ex. Languages other than English)
  • Send Single SMS Message
  • Send BULK SMS Messages (On Page Submit or via Cronjobs)
  • Batch Bulk SMS
  • Compose SMS with dynamic sender ID
  • Create SMS that automatically pick phone book names and inserts in your message
  • Type multiple sms recipients, select recipient or recipient group from phonebook or upload recipients from text and csv(excel) file
  • SMS character counter for composing SMS
  • SMS scheduling for future delivery.
  • Removes duplicate/repeated numbers in recipient list.
  • Phone book to store phone groups and numbers
  • Accepts multiple numbers and uploaded numbers with comma, colon, semicolon or put each number on a separate line.
  • Upload batch numbers and names into phonebook from excel
  • Upload numbers to phone group from text file or csv or xml
  • Type numbers to phone book group at once
  • Automatic removal of invalid characters from numbers
  • Charge customers based on routing.
  • Schedule SMS
  • Upload Contacts from TXT, CSV file
  • Send Personalized Messages from a CSV file
  • Define pre-defined SMS Templates
  • Receive SMS based on Keywords
  • Define SMS Keywords for incoming SMS
  • Sent SMS History with Server Response
  • Create Address Book and Groups
  • Public groups with subscribe and unsubscribe
  • SMS Statistics based on Account and API used
  • Create different categories for public groups
  • SMS Mobile
  • Free download of our SMS Application from Google Play store, Windows store etc.
  • Send Bulk SMS Directly from your Mobile phones
  • Different SMS Packages
  • PayPal, Interswitch, Yopayments for Payment Gateway
  • Cash Payment Plugin
  • Generate Invoices
  • Language File
  • Create SMS Accounts whenever a Joomla user registers
  • Custom CSS Templates for front-end
  • Filter SMS based on keywords
  • PIN and Voucher Generation for Credits purchase
  • Send Email with SMS
  • Mask password info in log file
  • Receive SMS without a keyword
  • Confirmation page before sending SMS
  • Members can transfer SMS units to another member and the transfer gets logged in transaction history
  • Members can load SMS units into their account through recharge vouchers that have been pre-generated by admin



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